Fourth Plain Forward Committees

 Membership & Networking
Develop an outreach strategy for businesses and community groups. Welcome new members to the organization. Plan business networking events
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Major Events
Lead coordination of the Fourth Plain Forward Multicultural Festival and convene Festival Planning Committee Meetings at regular intervals. Organize Summer of Murals celebration event.  Work with City staff to identify topics, coordinate, and promote two business assistance workshops. Connect businesses with resources for working with people experiencing homelessness.
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Coordinate with Clark County Mural Society to do outreach, recruitment and community engagement to form the FPF Summer of Murals Committee. Participate on the FPF Summer of Murals Committee. Help organize district clean-up efforts prior to Multicultural Festival.
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Lead design and printing of stickers, window decals, banners, coasters and other district promotional materials. Contribute contect to FPF Facebook Page. Create and maintain FPF website. Lead marketing and promotion efforts for the Fourth Plain Multicultural Festival. 
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Coordinate with Neighborhood Police Officers to give the FPF Board an update for corridor businesses. Monitor process related to the Day Center on Grand Blvd. Lead conversation with Clark Public Utilities and the City improvements to lighting and pedestrian infrastructure.
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Grants & Fundraising
Help identify and assemble grant applications. Identify new sources of non-grant funding and plan implementation. Develop dues and donations strategy.
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