Our vision

Fourth Plain is a diverse neighborhood where small businesses and residents thrive; it’s a sought after destination for visitors to shop, dine, and explore different cultures.  

We hope Fourth Plain will become a neighborhood where…

Commerce flourishes:  Diverse, small businesses are financially successful and can stay as the International District becomes a popular place for businesses to relocate.

Beauty spreads:  The streets and storefronts of the International District are clean, attractive and welcoming.

Pride of place emerges:  Small business owners and residents feel a sense of pride and connection to the International District, while visitors view it as a desirable destination for shopping, dining, and exploring diverse cultures.

People feel safe:  Everyone feels physically safe from crime.

Transportation is easy and safe:  Everyone can walk, bike, and drive or bus throughout Fourth Plain.

Housing is accessible:  People of different incomes and backgrounds have access to housing and are able to stay in Fourth Plain as it changes.

Prosperity becomes the norm: Residents and businesses are financially stable and healthy.

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