Fourth Plain Coalition

Community Advisory Committee

Fourth Plain Coalition
Community Advisory Committee Charter

Statement of Purpose:
The Community Advisory is an oversight committee of the Fourth Plain Coalition. The coalition is a group of agency representatives from across various sectors who are working toward an equitable, diverse and thriving Fourth Plain Corridor. The work of the coalition is to respond to community needs by creating new programs, activities, and projects that are specifically designed to strengthen the Fourth Plain Corridor neighborhoods.
The coalition seeks to include residents of Fourth Plain neighborhoods to guide the work of the coalition, so their work can be responsive to actual (not perceived) community needs and priorities. The Community Advisory group will serve as an oversight committee to ensure that the coalition’s work aligns with community aspirations and priorities.

– Review coalition plans for community outreach and new programs, projects, and activities
– Ensure coalition programs, projects, and activities align with community aspirations and priorities
– Provide feedback to the Fourth Plain Coalition using a consensus model to vote on Fourth Plain Coalition plans and implementation activities
– Recruit Community Advisory Board members with strong community ties in the neighborhoods surrounding the Fourth Plain corridor
– Members must attend at least 75% of all Community Advisory Committee meetings annually


The Community Advisory maintains one officer position, the Advisory Chair, and will appoint 1-2 liaisons to the Fourth Plain Coalition. All other members agree to serve as at-large members for a minimum of one year and a maximum of three.

Members must reside in a neighborhood along the Fourth Plain Corridor (Central Park, Rose Village, Fourth Plain Village, Maplewood, Bagley Downs, or Meadow Homes). New members will be selected through an application process (see attached application), and selected by the Fourth Plain Coalition Steering Committee and members of the Fourth Plain Coalition. Once established, new members will be selected by the Community Advisory Committee in partnership with the Fourth Plain Coalition Steering Committee as necessary to fill a vacancy, anticipated vacancy or to add to the overall membership.

The Community Advisory Committee must maintain at least ten members and must not exceed 15 members. Meetings will be held once per quarter, or 4 meetings per year. A quorum is required at each meeting, and consists of 50% of members.

We are committed to ensuring that the Fourth Plain Community Advisory Committee embodies the values of equity, diversity and inclusion and reflects the make-up of the Fourth Plain community. We therefore especially encourage members from historically underrepresented groups to apply. This could include people who are transit dependent, people of color, youth under the age of 18, those who identify as LGBTQ+, people who are renting, veterans, and many others.

To ensure committee accountability to this commitment to diversity:
– At least 2 committee members must self-identify as Hispanic or Latinx
– At least 2 other committee members must self-identify as one or more of the following: Black/African American, American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian, Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander
– At least 1 committee member must be under the age of 18
– Other underrepresented groups are also encouraged to apply

Each member of the Community Advisory will receive a $200 at the end of each annual term, contingent upon meeting the 75% attendance requirement, as a way to appreciate their time and expertise.

Fourth Plain Coalition liaisons will receive an additional $200 stipend annually for attending at least 75% of the Fourth Plain Coalition meetings, which occur quarterly, from 12-2pm.

Community Advisory Chair:
The Community Advisory Chair focuses on member engagement and recruitment, as well as meeting facilitation. The Chair also ensures meeting minutes are accurate and shared with full committee and facilitates new member orientations. This individual will serve a minimum of a one-year term with a maximum of three years.

Conflicts of Interest:
Committee members are prohibited from using their official positions to influence decisions in which they have a financial interest, or an organizational responsibility, or where they have a personal relationship that would constitute a conflict of interest. Committee members should avoid taking any action that could be construed, or create the appearance of, using committee positions for personal gain, including use of the title of Committee Member to obtain or promote personal interests or businesses. Committee members are not authorized to represent, speak or act on behalf of the Committee as a whole unless authorized to do so by the Committee.

Please see the Community Advisory Committee application form (below) to apply. Applications are due by 5pm, September 30th, 2019. The first Community Advisory Committee meeting will be in October.