4 Caminos Restaurant - Fourth Plain Forward

4 Caminos Restaurant

3503 E 4th Plain Blvd

4 Caminos is a local family-owned authentic Mexican restaurant owned by Maria Isabel Pena and her family. Maria and her family are from the City of Jalisco, Mexico, therefore their recipes are inspired by those from their hometown, providing fresh and rich in flavors in all their cooked meals. We encourage people to come visit 4 Caminos because not only do they offer vibrant delicious Mexican food, it is also family friendly and colorful place reminding you of Mexico.

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Business Info:

  (360) 695-1797

  3503 E 4th Plain Blvd

Business Hours:
Monday 11AM - 10PM
Tuesday 11AM - 10PM
Wednesday 11AM - 10PM
Thursday 11AM - 10PM
Friday 11AM - 2AM
Saturday 11AM - 2AM
Sunday 11AM - 10PM
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