Business Spotlight: 4 Caminos Mexican Restaurant - Fourth Plain Forward

Business Spotlight: 4 Caminos Mexican Restaurant

Meet Maria Isabel and her family, owners of 4 Caminos Mexican Restaurant located on East Fourth Plain Boulevard. Maria used to work in the kitchen preparing food for the previous owners until her family had the rare opportunity to take ownership of the business in 2019.

The restaurant’s ownership isn’t the only thing that has changed. For Maria, it was a dream to run her own restaurant and dish up a menu that showcases some of her favorite recipes from her family’s hometown of Guadalajara, Jalisco, in Mexico.

“My family is from Jalisco so naturally I wanted our menu to represent foods from our culture,” Maria said.

Guadalajara, Jalisco is famous for its tequila production, and yes, you can find it on their menu! Fourth Plain is the perfect location for her business.

“It’s a culturally diverse area with many small businesses nearby,” Maria explained.

At 4 Caminos, you will find a variety of Jalisco inspired dishes including the delicious Molcajete, Bistec a la Mexicana, and Chuletas de Puerco packed with fresh ingredients and rich flavors. Dining at 4 Caminos is like taking a trip to Mexico. You are surrounded by vibrant colorful murals and delicious, authentic Mexican dishes that will make you want to visit again because one dish is not enough to get the full experience.

“We are different from other restaurants because it is our family serving each guest,” Maria said. “We are in the back preparing food and working hard to make you want to come back.”

Celebrate their one year anniversary by ordering take out any day of the week between 11 AM to 9 PM. Give them a call at (360) 695-1797 or order online at

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